Join Us

So you think you would like to be an Oxford Harmony singer? 

Here are some of the FAQ which may help you to decide

Q.  Do I have to read music?

A. No. All you need is to be able to hold a tune and have an ear for good harmony.

Q. Am I too old/ too young to join?

A. We welcome newcomers of any age. Male;  with or without voice broken!

Q. Will I have to audition?

A.  Not a formal one, but after a few rehearsals both you and the chorus director will know and decide if you are suitable for this type of singing.

Q. What sort of help can I expect?

A.  In addition to sheet music you will also be given a teach CD or sent an MP3 download which you can listen to at your leisure to help you learn your chosen music part. Each section – tenor, lead, baritone and bass has a leader who acts as a guide and mentor if needed.

If you think that joining our club is for you, we would welcome you at one of our rehearsals.  See contacts page for details